Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bodice Ripper, de Rosemary Cassidy Buswell, Francia

'Bodice Ripper' Bodice....
Denim fabric, paper fragments from popular romantic novels, ribbons, zip and stitching. 

Artist's Statement:
This piece is from a  series of Bodices and Corsets, and was inspired by the term 'bodice-ripper', which the Concise Oxford English Dictionary describes as: noun, humorous, a sexually explicit historical novel or film: a modern Gothic novel or historical romance, usually in paperback format, featuring at least one passionate love scene, characteristically one in which the heroine vainly resists submitting to the villain or hero.
Such stories are often historical, and usually regarded with humour, as the good looking experienced hero introduces the innocent heroine to the delights and passions of love, ripping off her bodice  in his urgent desire!   My bodice is a humorous slant on the hugely popular books that are devoured by thousands of women of all ages, seeking the thrill of romance.   It is made from ubiquitous denim fabric, with a modern zip, but laced in the traditional way at the back.  The design of 'corset bones' on the bodice are 'saucy' fragments from several different bodice-ripper novels, and at a distance, you can see the shape of breasts gently painted on the fragments.  The torn and frayed edges play on the word ripped.....

Rosemary Cassidy Buswell,
February 2012.

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